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- Neurophysiology: Heritability , Excitability of motor cortex, Cortico-Hippocampal networks, Corpus callosum, Sleep fragmentation, Sleep onset, Sleep inertia, Sleepiness, Oculomotor system, Placebo effect, Phasic events of REM and NREM sleep, Dream recall, Personality correlates of dreaming, Hemispheric asymmetries, Spatial learning and memory, Exposure to GSM fields. 
- Techniques:
Conventional and quantitative EEG
EMG (nerve conduction studies)
EOG (oculomotor system studies)
- Pathology:
Sleep disorders
- Current projects:
1. Heritability of sleep/sleep propensity measures
2. Cortico-Hippocampal EEG activity in humans (and relation with memory consolidation)
3. Neurophysiology of sleep disorders, Long Term Potenziation, and local sleep (a. normal adults; b. elderly; c. depressed patients)
5. Cortical excitability of motor cortex and EEG correlates of sleep propensity 
6. Cortical topography of sleep in neurodegenerative disorders [a. Mild Cognitive Impairment; b. Alzheimer diesease]
7. Local sleep changes following repeated Trascranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment of major depression.
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