Processi Affettivi e Cognizione Sociale

Pecchinenda Anna


Anna Pecchinenda (Head)
Manuel Petrucci (PhD student)
Michele Pellegrino (research collaborator)
Noemi Bartolini (research student)
Laura Romano (research student)
Marco Spitaleri (research student)


Marco Bertamini (Liverpool Univesrity)
Alexis Makin (Liverpool University)
Letizia Palumbo (Liverpool University)
Michal Lavidor (Bar Ilan University)
Tjeerd Jellema (Hull University)
Petter GustavSson (Karolinska Institute)
Ann Rudman (Karolinska Institute)


  • Selective Attention for Emotional Information
  • Social Attention
  • Executive Functions and Affect
  • Fluency, Symmetry and Affect


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