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I’m trained in neuropsychology and visual psychophysics. In my lab we investigate the cognitive mechanisms involved in expert automatized tasks. We record behavioural measures, such as reaction times and thresholds, during objects and words recognition tasks, while measuring eye movement’s parameters. Based on the psychophysical evidences, we try to understand the core of the deficits in diverse populations. The underling research interest focuses on the possibility to account for the population variability drawing from to the current available models. In this vein I’ve been working with elderly individuals, vascular brain damaged patients, patients with traumatic brain injury, as well as with developmental populations with learning disabilities. The core junction is the understanding of the processing slowness. I believe the novelty in the approach is the combination of across-fields knowledge. We are filling the gaps and in doing so we have explained some important conditions, such as neglect dyslexia, with findings that point to focussed rehabilitation protocols.

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Recent pubblications (last 5 years)

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