Master Course in Psychology

Master Degree Courses

The Master Course in Psychology (LM51) is a 2nd level university title that can be achieved after having obtained a Bachelor Degree.
At the end of the course, having obtained 120 University Credits (CFU), students are attributed a Master Degree in Psychology.
In order to be able to work as a professional Psychologist, after having obtained the Master Degree in Psychology, graduates need to obtain the qualification to the Psychologists register which can be achieved after having completed an internship/apprenticeship of 12 months (post lauream) and having passed the state cetification exam.
All Master Courses (CdLM) offered by the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology have a limited number of admitted students.
The Department offers the following three Courses:


  • Master Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychological Rehabilitation
  • Master Degree in Applied Psychology to Healt, Work and Juridical-Forensic Contexts
  • Master Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience (entirely held in english)


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