cdl psicologia processi sociali

Bachelor Course in Psychology and Social Processes

The Bachelor Course (CdL) in Psychology and Social Processes, similarly to the course of Psychology and health, provides a basic education in different fields of psychological disciplines, with a specific emphasis on the methods that characterize their scientific approaches. From a cultural point of view, the CdL offers the background to Master Courses in psychology, especially those offered at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology; form a professional point of view, the CdL trains students to perform activities supervised by a qualified psychologist in the section A of the Psychologists register, and to interact with other professionals working in the same environment (e.g. antropologists, sociologists, medical doctors).
The CdL trains to work in public and private sectors that aim at an optimal use of human resources in work and organizational environments, through the analysis of psychological-social processes that support performance, interpersonal relations and the pursued scopes.

The course includes 19 modules, 2 of which provide an interdisciplinary base which is meant to offer complementary perspectives: a biological and an anthropological one.
Affine and integrative disciplines support the education in non-psychological fields, among which are psychiatry and sociology, once again meant to provide complementary perspectives. Beyond the scientific fields handled by the three psychological exams (M-PSI/01, M-PSI/02, M-PSI/03), the course includes exams that characterize other fields of psychology, in two cases duplicating basic subjects (M-PSI/01, M-PSI/03) in order to strengthen theoretical and methodological aspects of these broad sicentific fields. 27 credits are dedicated to social psychology, work and dynamic psychology to consolidate the effort of the course to facilitate interactions between psychology and society.

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