Organizzazioni Persone e Network (OPeN)

OPeN promotes the integration between the University and the work associations in order to increase the dialogue and the synergy between the academic research and real application for the development of innovative production systems. 


The objectives of OPeN are: To transfer, diffuse and facilitate the scientific knowledge typical of the Psychology applied to work and organizations; reinforce the connection with Industry; offer consulting activity on how to improve employee wellness and healthy development of the organization.

Open core competencies are:

  • Consultancy and Development of Organization
  • Orientation and training to develop people in their job
  • assessment in job context;
  • Methodological and Statistical consultancy and development of tools (tests, questionnaires)

OPeN expertise can be applied to Public and Private Organizations, employees and working groups or even professionals who needs competencies in these fields.


Professors of the Department of Psychology collaborate in Open.


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