Cognitive Neuroscience

Masters Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience

The Master Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience (LM-51) is entirely held in English and aims at offering an understanding of the neural correlates of motor, perceptual, affective and cognitive processes as well as the relationship between the development of the brain and the mind. The Master trains psychologists to identify specific cognitive deficits, evaluate their impact on the emotional state of patients, on the quality of their life and adopt appropriate rehabilitative actions to temper their deficits.
The Master in Cognitive Neuroscience is offered to a maximum of 40 students. Students conduct supervised research and other educational projects in neuropsychology, cognitive psychology, clinical psychophysiology, psychobiology and physiological psychology and can complete their experimental thesis at research laboratories of the Department or at partner Institutions, including the research-oriented hospital IRCCS Santa Lucia Foundation, the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition of the CNR, and the Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology.
Applicants to this Master will be selected based on their educational career and curriculum vitae. There is no admission examination. Admission will be based on the titles' evaluation. According to EUROPSY requirements, applicants should have completed a substantial number of credits in disciplines related to psychology.

Preselection applications should be sent through the following platform:

Applicants should provide the following  documents

  • Copy of your passport (pdf)
  • Brief (one page) personal statement.
  • English language certificates (optional for students with an English BA)
  • Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplement (pdf)
  • Letters of Recommendation (optional)

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