Avviso di Seminario

Venerdì, 11 Maggio, 2018
Prof. Catherine Tallon-Baudry, from  Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris will be visiting AgliotiLab (https://agliotilab.org/)
On May 17th she will give a talk at 10.00 am at AULA IX titled: Visceral inputs, brain dynamics and subjectivity. 
Visceral organs such as the heart and the stomach constantly send information up to the neocortex, thus potentially taking an active part in shaping brain dynamics. In addition, we develop and test hypothesis that the brain uses visceral inputs to create a subject-centered reference frame, from which the first person perspective inherent to conscious experience can develop. I will present recent evidence, gathered using MEG but also intracranial EEG, unit recordings, and fMRI, that visceral inputs contribute to shaping brain dynamics and play a role in subjective experience. 

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